Matthew Ford (D.D.)
C.E.O | Hire Department Manager
Matthew established Compact Sound & Lighting in Western Australia during his final year of High School in 1992. Having already been working as the local Skate Arena DJ for several years, Matt was then trained up in all aspects of professional audio with West Australia's oldest Public Address Hire company, Purvisonic Sound.Matt began volunteer work at nights on talkback radio as an assistant producer and doing some voice over work for ads.Matt is experienced in all aspects of live sound production, from large TurboSound concert rigs, 40 channel mixing desks, orchestra's and choirs, live studio work for Telethon to setting up sound systems to cover an entire town for a car race.Over the years Matt has earned a Masters in Theology and a Doctorate in Divinity. Owning a DJ and PA business may seem unusual for a Reverend but it is one of Matt's passions.As such a percentage of all income from CS&L is given each year to various charities in Australia, supporting those who need help and love the most.
Amanda Ford
Wedding & Corporate Event Manager
Wedding & Corporate Event Manager.
Disc Jockey
Andy has been working as a DJ for 8 years, with hundreds of hours racked up entertaining guests, at primarily 18th, 21st, School Formals and Weddings.
Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremonies
At 35 years old and still with his original hip joints, Ben has been working as a DJ/MC for 11 years. He has all his own teeth and is one of our Wedding Specialist DJ's.
Disc Jockey
Specialising in 18th & 21st's, Luke has been with us for 4 years and works full time as a personal trainer with his wife.
At only two years of age Esmeralda has an impressive party history under her collar. Quite often seen sneaking into school disco's and beach events. Mad keen on sausage sizzles at Bunnings and will cuddle for hours.
K9 Security Division
While not so adept at "protecting" a buffet, Roxy will gladly test the chicken, duck, lamb and prawns for freshness.
Carry stuff and eat bacon.
Basketball & Bacon. Sometimes at the same time.

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