While there are limitless, natural and beautiful places to have your Wedding Ceremony, not every outdoor venue has power, and using a generator would drown everything out.

We have a high powered, totally portable, speaker system that has 2 x Wireless Microphones built into, as well as a CD player and USB/SD slots for paying background music though.  

These units come with “handheld” mic’s, like what singers use, But for a more subtle approach, especially if you are having your Ceremony filmed, we can supply you with either clip on lapel microphones or almost invisible headset mics.

Giving everyone the chance to see and hear what is being said on your special day.

If you require a larger sound system we can supply this with a super quiet generator and cover a large area for you.

Compact’s Hire Manager Matt, has done hundreds and hundreds of weddings over the years, Matt can meet with you and work out the best possible way to give Your Day the edge  @compactsoundsDJ






PA-8000 Portable PA Speaker with Dual Handheld Microphones
Built with a rugged aluminium enclosure, the PASGAO PA-8000 is an expandable and flexible portable PA speaker, with dual handheld mic transmitters. With a maximum power output of 200W, and with CD/SD/USB/ MP3 playback, it is ideal for many applications, such as schools, functions, wedding ceremonies, lecture theatres, fitness clubs, sporting events, conferences and houses of worship. Powered by battery or mains, it is useful for indoor and outdoor activities, and can be expanded to a larger network of amplified speakers for larger crowds.

Battery and Mains Powered
This unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and automatic charge device, providing a very fast capacity for charging. It provides around 6 hours of operation time via the battery power. The Class D amplifier substantially enhances power efficiency and battery power life. Due to the nature of these devices we do not recommend them for use on a beach as the sand will just get into it’s workings and stop it from working.

Portable and Easy to Use
With a handle and wheels, it is extremely portable, weighing in at just under 19kgs. Complete with dual handheld wireless PAH330 microphones, and built in receivers, there is still room for expansion into the unit. The mixer section on the back features numerous inputs and outputs and there are also separate bass and treble control knobs. This speaker can be mounted on a standard 35mm speaker pole

Inputs and Outputs
The mixer section on the back of the PA-8000 provides for a number of expansion and enhancement settings. There are two combo XLR inputs with mic/line switches. There are RCA line inputs and outputs. Each of these inputs have separate volume controls. A useful feature is the Audio Link function. To service larger crowds with more than one unit, you can set the master unit to send signals to other units that function as a slave, connected via XLR cables.

Broadcasting Your Wedding.

Matt is currently working on the best possible way for Compact Sound & Lighting to be able to offer “live streaming” to your family and friends who are unable to attend your Wedding in person.

We have purchased 4K Professional Broadcast cameras and are looking at ways to enable our “Outside Broadcast Caravan” to maintain the wifi/NBN speed for high definition audio & video broadcast.