Compact Sounds VIP Mobile DJ's Brisbane 1300299998
Compact Sounds VIP Mobile DJ’s Brisbane 1300299998

Each year Compact Sounds chooses a charity or group to support. This year we have chosen  Schools and the S.E.S. My wife and I are passionate about education and also entertainment.  School Teachers do an absolutely amazing job and sadly our Schools are often under funded and rely heavily on fundraisers.

To register your School’s (Kindy, Primary, High, Uni) interest in becoming a Compact Sounds V.I.P for 2021/2022 simply fill out the form below and we will see what we can do for you.

We are happy to offer 20%-80% discount on School Discos, Lunch Discos, Fundraisers, Formals, Productions and Sports Days.   For some schools we will gladly donate 100% of our time and equipment for some events.

We only use professional equipment, which is listed on this site. With 29 years full-time in the Media & Entertainment Industry we can cater for the following School events…

  • Musical Productions
    • Choir
    • Lead Vocals
    • Band
    • Eistedford
  • Fashion Parade Fundraiser
  • Age Appropriate Disco
  • Lunch Time Disco
  • Sports/Athletics Day
    • Outdoor Horn Speaker System
    • Wireless Mic System
    • Broadcast Caravan, fully equipped & air conditioned
  • Swimming Carnival
    • DJ/Music for crowd participation
    • Wireless Mics for “roving interviews”
  • And much much more.

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