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School Concerts and end of year events are an amazing way to showcase what the students have learnt that year.  As a parent myself, there is nothing worse than not being able to hear what is being sung, or having the children drowned out by distorted music.  Compact Sounds has 26 years behind us in providing schools and larger concert venues with first class sound reinforcement and placement.

No matter how small or large the venue, inside or out, we can provide your school with industry standard equipment to guarantee that every word is heard clearly.

We understand the financial limitations and burdens which are placed on schools, not every school can afford a $20,000+ Sound System for an Assembly, so we are happy to offer huge discounts of at least 50% up to 80% as well as the occasional pro bono gig.

I am more than happy to meet your music/drama staff and tailor the best sound system for the event you are planning.

It might be purely for speech from a lectern and some background music, or a full on musical performance where children needs their individual headset mics as well as a choir and band.  With years of experience working in theatre, live TV and studio work I will gladly share my wealth of knowledge to give you the best system for each event.


Feel free to call me (Matt) on 1300 299 998 or email me and I can come and have a look at your school’s venue and work out a production rider for your event.

[su_service title=”Thank you!” icon=”icon: graduation-cap” icon_color=”#1644e2″ size=”30″]We appreciate all the effort, sacrifice & commitment teachers make for our kids, thank you! Matt & Mandy.[/su_service]

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  • The form below can be used to give me a brief idea as to what you require.


For emergency support or to make a “oops I forgot the PA” booking call/sms 0408 299 998