Swimming Carnivals are awesome fun, especially if you’re the one in the pool, for the spectators their iPhone may be never in their pocket.

Many years ago we ran speaker cabling through a Council Aquatic Centre. This enabled us at any time to hook up our speakers for Schools and Swim competitions, covering the entire spectator & swim area with high quality sound for voice as well as music.

Compact Sounds have great wireless systems these days that enable us to setup a sound system around an indoor or outdoor pool environment.  This is great for commentary, speeches, as well as “chant” music… like what is played at Basketball Games (Simply the Best, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions etc).  This gets the spectators involved and creates a great atmosphere for the children and staff.

With a wireless mic a teacher or responsible student can be a “roving reporter” and interview students straight after their win.

Compact Sounds are happy to provide an operator for the day if required.

We have even set up one of our “Disco Systems” with a DJ at a School Swim Carnival, needless to say it was a hit.

Compact Sound PA Hire Redcliffe
Compact Sound PA Hire Redcliffe

*If your event is at a beach or river we can power our sound system either via our Outside Broadcast Caravan with a generator or via our Hummer.  This Horn system will easily cover a massive beach area.



Feel free to call me (Matt) on 1300 299 998 or email me and I can come and have a look at the swim venue and work out the best system for your event.



Thank you!
We appreciate all the effort, sacrifice & commitment teachers make to our kids, thank you! Matt & Mandy.


For emergency support or to make a “oops I forgot the PA” booking call/sms 0408 299 998




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