We understand that your style is different from the last couple we worked with… or the next one we'll work with. That's why we take the time with you to plan a tailor-made reception for you.

Mandy and I want to make your wedding reception special and unique. Your guests will enjoy music that is specialised for your event only. Your reception will flow smoothly from before people arrive to the encore songs and farewell.

We want you both to be able to relax and feel like guests at your own party, knowing that your entertainment will be perfect. We bring thousands of songs to your event. Far more than we could ever play and our new DJ Consoles are WIFI enabled, enabling us to access our entire archive from our server.  If you or your guests have an on the spot request, we can usually get it within minutes.

My background is as an Audio Engineer for large concerts (INXS, John Farnham etc…) channel 7 and also voice over work for radio stations in Perth.  As such I have purpose built our DJ consoles and all our staff use BOSE Professional Speakers, in fact all our equipment is professional grade, guaranteeing an amazing sound with no distortion.  Granny will hear every word of the Best Man speech and you will feel the bass on the dance floor.

Our staff do much more than "just play music". We will liaise with your venue to organise our set-up as well as working with the function manager with regards to the kitchen timing and serving of you and your guests.  Our DJ's are also trained to be able to perform as Master's of Ceremonies.  While this is often done by the best man, family member or close friend, we can perform these duties if required.

Our job is to make sure you and your guests have an amazing, relaxing and fun night which you will remember for the rest of your lives.

We are happy to meet for coffee and go through our Wedding Planner Guide wth you.  There we will give you access to MobileDJ.VIP,  On that site you can view, download & print the latest and most popular Wedding music lists gathered from thousands of Wedding DJ's around the world. They are broken up into various sections, making it easier to go through.  You will also find our request and "do not play" form, we will go through this with you when we meet to make sure we only play the songs you love and not the ones you don't.

We update these Music Charts monthly and have a massive back catalogue of music. Unlike many of today's DJ's, we own our music, it is imported from the U.K and delivered every month with the latest songs.  Sadly DJ's that relied only on "internet based music" have shut down recently since the company providing the music service for DJ's closed shop, leaving the DJ's with no music to play.

We will bring your Wedding Folder when we meet you and it contains hard copies of all these forms and up to date song lists.

Feel free to contact us as often as needed and ask all the questions you want. Our DJ's are all clean shaven (except one hairy one), will wear clean suits, shirts, ties and polished shoes and don't drink alcohol while working, however a meal is appreciated as we do work a very long day.

  • Professional BOSE Sound System
  • NEW L.E.D Disco Lighting with effects and glow in the dark blue light.
  • Mirror Ball (depending on ceiling height & safety)
  • Non-allergenic scented smoke machine. (won’t affect asthmatics)
    • Rose Scent (perfect for Weddings)
    • Mint (Great for clearing your sinus)
    • Strawberry
    • Chocolate
    • Natural
    • Red Bull
  • Neat & tidy DJ Console Surround (some DJ’s have LED lighting, just ask for your preference)
  • DATA/Video Projector hire for playing videos and picture slides shows (extra costs apply)
  • Facebook Live Streaming for friends and family in other countries or kept away because of COVID19.
  • DJ’s with a minimum 10-29 years experience in Weddings and the entertainment industry.
  • Master’s of Ceremonies are also available.
  • The DJ you meet at your planning meeting is the DJ who will do your function. Two planning meetings are included in the cost.



Mobile Call/SMS: 0408 299 998

  • SMS Your Name, type of event, location/venue, number of people, times & date required and an email address for us to send your quote to.
  • Or SMS us with a date & time to call you to discuss your event details.



To give you a 'ballpark estimate', expect to receive quotes anywhere between $300, for a 'cheap gumtree DJ' and at more for a professional, keeping in mind a our DJ Systems are worth over $20,000 each.

Compact Sounds DJ  packages are available here. With seasonal discounts available during quiet times. And a flat rate during COVID.

But why such a difference in price?

Well, to begin with, the saying 'you get what you pay for' is as relevant to the world of reception entertainment as to any important item you're likely to buy.